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Facebook Is NOT the only platform

What does this mean?
I constantly check up on all my Web Design clients and others on other pages whose posts I see and when I see them running a promotion on Facebook, and the first thing I do is backtrack to their Website to see if there is any mention of the promotion on the website.
ANSWER – NEVER! I never see it mentioned.
So basically you are playing to a single crowd and that crowd is facebook!

What about the visitors that are coming to your website from places like Google that are not aware that you are running a promotion?
Don’t they count too?
Why are so many people favouring facebook and going nowhere from there?
Because they can see the interaction and they gauge the success of that promotion from the chatter.
Is the same promotion on Instagram?
Did you mail chimp anyone?

When you run a promotion are you looking for maximum impact or minimum?
Maximum impact is using all avenues not just Facebook and that includes your website – otherwise, why do you have a website?
Don’t get stuck playing to a single crowd or may just lose a potential sale.
Facebook is not the only avenue.
This goes for service sites too who use Facebook to update videos and pictures but don’t do anything to their website to keep their content fresh and keep Google interested in their page.
You may use other means to promote and maybe you can’t gauge what happens without the comfort of the chatter you get on facebook.
But if you limit yourself, you limit your sales and your service.
Don’t play to a single crowd because that may just be the day that particular crowd is not paying attention to you!

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