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On-Page SEO and Content

It amazes me how many times I log into someone’s site and they have no on-page SEO.
There is no SEO on the about us page, homepage or contact us page.
Think of On-Page SEO and Content like dollars in the bank.
The more you do – the more credit you have.
If you don’t do it,  you have less credit.
WordPress sites have the advantage of being able to use the Yoast SEO plugin.

This plugin is highly valuable to each page for SEO.
When you own and run a website you need to do everything you can on a page and off a page to help boost your credit.
The other HUGE mistake I see – is copy and paste.
I was hired to do SEO for a guy last month who had his entire site copied from his supplier.
It also included all the misspelt words, bad punctuation and rubbish parts to the description that have no value.
Be aware if your supplier is in China – they spell very badly in English.
If you are using Chrome or Firefox – download Grammarly.
It will pick up all the misspelt words and poor punctuation immediately.
I have picked up on as many as 22 mistakes from a cut and paste situation on one listing, you are passing this onto your customers.
The other disadvantage is that Google penalises all duplicate content.
If you did it, chances so did 100 other people.
From Googles perspective, you are being penalised for not having unique content.
So – although it’s a huge effort – always write your own content.
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