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I quite often browse through clients online stores and I am always amazed by the names they give their categories.
I always say that your store is like a tree and your SEO should follow the way the tree grows.
The base of your tree is your store name.
Your categories are the thick branches and your products are the thin branches that have leaves.
Like a tree – your SEO needs to be strong from the base up.
So when you name your categories use your keywords that define the exact contents of those products.
The other day I was on a website and it had categories like mothers day, men and women, baby and kids.
The first thing I ask is…
Men and women’s what?
Mothers day what?
Baby and kids what?
Define the category!

Take 2-5 words and make them count.
Personalised Newborn baby gifts 
Scented Candle Gift Sets
Pre-loved Vintage baby clothes
EXACTLY what is your category about?
If you are generic in the naming of your category then you cant rank well because you are not being specific enough.
You can potentially attract the wrong traffic and they will bounce right off your site.

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