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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – For Service Sites
Let’s start with what a service site is:
I usually break my classifications into 3 parts
-Service Site – i.e plumbing
-Service Site with Payment – i.e Online lessons
-E-commerce – Online Stores selling products

It’s a no brainer however that an E-commerce store ‘can’ rank more highly than a Service Site due to the number of products.
But how do you get a 4 page Service Site to rank just as well?

There are a number of ways and I’m going to give you today just one.
How to optimise your website for your local area.
I am going to use a hypothetical plumbing business as an example.
First, start with a blog.
Then – what to write?
Believe or not you are already writing your blogs daily you just don’t no it.
Say my Plumbing Business lets call it ‘Brisvegas Plumbers’!
Today I was called out to a home in Eightmile plains and I repair a really common BUT preventable issue that I actually don’t like seeing people waste their money on. If they call me out I would rather it was for something else.
So I blog about it – making sure to use no actual physical address but the area – Eight Mile Plains.
Then, my other keywords are going to be of course my business name, and keywords related to the issue that will bring searchers to my blog.
Add a quick video on preventing this issue from arising to give your blog rich content.
Add in some images and link the blog to your main website page.
Have a call to action.
Now I am optimising through my blog, my local area.
My blog will now rank for my keywords and business in Eight Mile Plains.
Don’t forget to put the exact same information on your facebook page as well for your followers.

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