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What to do when you have products go out of stock…
The first thing to do is ask yourself will I be restocking this item ever again?
If the answer is no – delete the product.
If the answer is yes – don’t delete the product otherwise you will lose traction with your SEO.

Google has been described frequently as a monster.
However, what Google wants is simplicity for its users combined with good user experience.
Follow these Simple Product SEO Tips for better SEO and user experience.
If you have a product go out of stock and you intend to sell it again in the future – keep your product live.
Here are some other tips for good user experience while your item is out of stock:
Link that product to a similar product in your store.
Let the user know when the item may be back in stock.
This is so the user doesn’t open an item and all they see is that you don’t have it.
Maybe you have a similar item in a different colour, model or brand.
This way you keep your product SEO until you restock and you add to your user experience.

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