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I am constantly asked about SEO so here is how I break it down.
Let’s look at SEO in a different way.
Google is a library.
Seo is the books
And you are in the library searching for the right book on a subject so you can finish a project.
You go to the shelf to search and what the first thing you notice?
I usually notice they are in alphabetical order.
So the books are organised – but why?
Simple – so you can look quickly and more efficiently.

Now your back at your desk on your computer and you want to search through Google (the library) on a subject.
The more words you use in your search the more clearly you are defining what you are searching for.
The better Google can send you search results that match what you are looking for.
But have you ever been in a library and someone has put some books back in the wrong place?
Google would not be an efficient search engine if its search results did not match the searcher’s needs.

So when you are doing your SEO define what your page, your service or your product is about using keywords.

Keep in mind – if you constantly search yourself or your keywords without cleaning out your cookies you are altering the effect of the search results because Google remembers your search history.

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