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Simple Answer NO!
Last week I had some feedback on a questionnaire and one of the subjects that came out is the concern that building a new website will mean you will lose your SEO traction.
This is not true.
Example – When I did a website for Embroidery Diva she was ranked number one for her store name and about 6 other pages.
After building a new website she remained in this position and this is how this is achieved.
There is a number of ways and the first one is to build the pages with the exact same URL.
So basically the URL diverts to the newly built website.
The other way is to copy the SEO title into the new website.
And thirdly should a URL need improving, for example, some I have come across have spelling mistakes in them, I simply use a 301 redirect which means I take the misspelt URL and use a plugin to redirect the old URL to a new one.
I have a number of clients that have never lost their SEO traction.

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