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The damage googling yourself can do.
When you have a new business it’s hard not to sit there and google the arse out of yourself.
Google starts to remember that you constantly visit your own page and this is not now an accurate search because it is displaying it based on how many visits you make to the site.

The other reason is, if you have an analytics widget on your dashboard.
See image one. Then it is reading whether you are a return visitor or new traffic.
However, from an SEO perspective, you do yourself no favours because in Google Search Console you are effectively creating fake data.
Part of SEO is to watch what data comes through and make changes accordingly. This is why organic traffic is termed – the long game. However, if you are a serial Googler then none of the data is accurate and therefore you are setting yourself back.
What I can read from my data in image 2 is all the pages getting visitors. However, a lot of that is me visiting my own page as I have just made some adjustments.
Now I will leave it alone and let it collect real data from new users.
From there I can see my most popular pages along with any random search terms that could be useful to add to my pages.
Google Search Console allows you to collect all search terms that lead a person to your website.
Then if the same terms are repeatedly used by other searches – it is worth adding it into your content.

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