How QR Codes can benefit your business

QR Codes for your business

How QR Codes can benefit your business

QR Codes are not new but certainly are trending.

So where would you use them?

Firstly let’s look at the two types of QR Codes.

There is Static and Dynamic.

Static means your link from your QR Code will never change – so therefore you will need a static QR Code – Facebook is a good example. But, if you change your Facebook name you will need a new code.

Then there is Dynamic.

Dynamic means you can update the content of your QR Code and never have to reprint your code again.

QR Codes are great for things like business merchandise, and business cards and some even come with a link to an electronic business card that you can share in a matter of seconds with either a QR Code or a link.

View my V Card that can get delivered straight to the contacts in your phone.

Let’s start with where to find the QR Code for your website.

More and more people are asking me this so here is a quick tutorial for how to get the QR code that you can download and use on business cards and marketing material.

This is super easy – anyone can do it.

Step One: Pull up your website

See images

Step Two: Right-click and click on ‘get QR code’

See images

Step Three: Download to your computer

Easy Peasy

Now you can add your QR code to any marketing material.

Let’s say you want to customise your QR Code to include a Facebook logo or you want to create a V Card that you can attach to both a QR Code and a link.

Click here to view mine…/629eb93175b5e9580e764f92

There are lots of programs giving you access to customise your QR CODE.

Just recently I printed new business cards with my new QR Code that leads to multiple links so the viewer can see all my contact details, my portfolio, my socials and my favorite part, in one click can add my details to their phone.

If you are time-poor and would like a V Card for your business I am doing them currently for just $35 with your business branding and details and can include a gallery portfolio.

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