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WordPress Web Designer Brisbane

About Us
Designing and creating websites, launching stunning products, making clients happy! We've done it all!

My name is Trayci and I work as an independent Web Designer but I also work with Team.  
Over the years I have been fortunate enough to work with other Web Designers all with different skills.  While we work alone we also work together, each of us with different strengths. So your hire me but you get a whole team and this allows us to tackle any job and any request made by you.  While it is rare to need to call on one of the others in the team - they are a live chat message away.  If you have a tricky question I can get you the right answer.  


At Online Web Design we understand the pressure of small business.  For this reason we try to keep the cost of building your Website as affordable as possible.


Your Website the way you want it. The beauty of wordpress is all the added features.  They make design and features so easy.  With access to modules, images, templates and so much more


How We Work on Our Projects

We ask you fill out a questionnaire for 3 reasons.
1. It gives us clear indication of exactly what work you need doen.
2. We can quote you accurately for exactly what you need.
3. To reduce the amount of questions.
We know you are busy so to keep the interruptions to your day to  minimum our questionnaire helps reduce interruptions.


Once we have a general direction we can get started.  
The first phase is taking all your information and outlining a design.
After a week of putting most of your information in place you will be asked to critique what you do and don't like.
We then go back and edit this to your liking as well as adding all the final information.


We ask for one more final check before contemplating going live.  This is the last chance to add any information before your Website goes up.  If there are any holds because you are busy then we wait for you to add the information you need.
We then fully test your site.
We then need you to forward who your domain hosting is with. and we begin to connect your new website.


We go live with your brand new site.  Usually there are a few changes we may need to make along the way.  Because there are always many questions once a website goes up you get premium support to help you along the way.  If you find there are any issue we can step right in and fix them as we go.  Your premium support will lat for 30 days from the completion of your website.


At Online Web Design we will deliver your website to you on time.
Once you fill out the client questionnaire and we have a start date, we'll get to work.


As business owners ourselves we know the importance of getting it right.  As a result we will work with you until you are 100% happy.


Because speed is a factorwhen hosting your WordPress Website.  You get a fast, secure hosted Website that is right here in Australia for just $29 per month.


We don't just build your website and chuck it to you.  We know there will be questions or as has been the case in the past a few accidental deletes. We stick by you until your confident and up and running.  


I need a small amount of SEO done, but Trayci went even further giving me tools to understand my SEo and know how wel I am doing.

Cafe CB

"I brought a service pack and the great thing is, I can call up or email Trayci whenever I have a question about my Website and she offers advice or shows me how to fix the issue and its like customer service but I feel like I get one on one attention."

Out of the box

"My website crashed and Trayci rebuilt in a week so I wouldn't continue to lose money, we still had things to iron out but at least my site was up and functioning."

— Kristen
You Fragrances