EXPERT WEB DESIGNERS WHO WILL SET YOUR WEBSITE UP FOR YOU Please note: We are a self managed platform. To enjoy all the benefits that we have to offer all sites are hosted, maintained, backed up and managed by us.

 Hosting is $29 per month


Pre Built Websites

At Online Web Designs we understand that not everyone has a huge budget when starting out in business.  As a result, we have put together an opportunity for you to be able to build your dream website with all the bells and whistles for as low as a $49 set up fee for a Service Site and $149 for an e-commerce store.

Top Of The Line WordPress Sites

If you are familiar with WordPress websites you will know that anything is possible.
All payment gateways including AFTERPAY can be connected and that you can get plugins for anything you will never need.
And the biggest benefit of building with WordPress is that you will never have to rebuild your site again.


What We Will Do For You

Your set up fee covers:
Receiving a checklist of your requirements.
We will set you up with a template of your choice that includes the pages you need.
Usually - Landing page
About us
Contact us
Service page
With the option to add more pages if you need them
We will give you a 45 minute tutorial on how to use your website and make edits and to answer any questions that you may have.
When your website is finished we will take your website live.

Step One

Fill out the form below to give us an idea about your business so we can input your details ready to fo for you, including your logo.
Pick your template and pay for your site set up.

Step Two

Sit back and wait while we set your store up for you.  Once we have your store set up you will be asked to book the 1-hour tutorial that shows you how to use your website.

Step Three

You are ready to go.  Changing out information and images is fairly simple and should you need help you can purchase a service package here.

Step Four

You complete your website and when you are ready we go live.
The advantages to having your website set up so fast are that there are no delays in getting set up and you can learn how to use it as you go at your own pace.

DIY Websites Starter Website When You Are On A Budget Apply Here Today

The information you provide on this form helps us to set up your store.
The setup fee covers importing the template, inputting all your details and logo.
Assisting you in making your website go live.
And a one-hour user tutorial.
For e-commerce stores, it includes setting up your payment gateways and instructions on how best to start building your store.


What if I have a quick question?

The whole point to your DIY set up we give you is that we have made it as easy as possible you to change out information.
As we are Web Designers we are working for paying clients and they have priority.
You can source all information of Beaver Builder and WordPress including tutorials from Google.
If however, you prefer one to one help you can purchase a support package from .................... 

What if I can't finish my website myself?

Because the templates come ready to go an all you need to do is input your information, there is no possible way your website won't be completed.  Technically you are being handed a completed template that just requires your images and content.

What if I don't want a template?

If you are comfortable and feel capable of building your website without using templates that's perfectly ok - they are there if you need them, otherwise, you can build your website from scratch.  Our platform is suitable for all levels of experience.

What happens when I want my website to go live?

Because you have paid a setup fee we will handle your website going live for you.
Just sit back and wait for your new store to go live.

I just accidentally deleted my part of my website and I really want it back.

Once your website is live it is backed up every 4 hours.  If however, you are still building your website it is backed up every 24 hours.
We can reset it back to the last back up point.

I have a friend that has built their site on another platform and needs SEO support, can she hire one of your team of experts if they are not on the stacked platform?

ABSOLUTELY! Our service packages are available to anyone at any time.
Just give them the link so they can make a purchase and book in a time.

Can I build an online store to sell products?

Absolutely, woo commerce comes ready to go, in fact, you can pick an e-commerce template and your shop will be set up for you saving you time by not having to start from scratch.

What are the advantages to a template over building my own pages?

By selecting a template where most of the design work has been done for you, you can focus on completing your website with images and content and come back at a later date and learn more about all the other features.  This means, for now, your able to focus on getting your website up and running.

Can I integrate Mail Chimp with my website?

You definitely can - in fact, let us know you might be needing it and we can make it part of the set up from the start.

What else can I integrate with my website?


Can I have afterpay on my online store?

That is a definite YES, you will need to transfer you Afterpay API to your new platform.

What payment systems can I add to my ECommerce Store?

Bank deposit
Stripe Credit Card/Apple Pay
Zip Pay

Can I host my website wherever I want?

Unfortunately in order to use our platform and all the plugins and state of at editing with every module you could ever need it must be hosted with us.

Will you need credit card details upfront?

Not for 30 days while you use your fee trial

Your hosting is $35 but I can hosting elsewhere for cheaper!

This is true, however, what is often the case with cheaper hosting are speed issues, and you are unsupported, some aren't even in this country. At stacked we are Brisbane based and you have access to a team of people within a range of support packages.  You get ready to go website or online store, and one of the most advanced WordPress editors on the market.  Not only that we are offering something that no one else is offering you for next to nothing.

I have used Elementor would I be able to use Beaver Builder?

Like you, as web designers, we are also familiar with Elementor and hands down prefer Beaver Builder and the transition is very smooth and we believe you will love using Beaver Builder., it also has far more modules and access to template pages and ready to use rows, this is also covered in your introduction.
However, if you prefer Elementor we can install it.