Website Virtual Assistant

Website Virtual Assistant Hourly Packages

Hire me as your website support person.

Sometimes you just need some help and you re not looking for a whole website.
By hiring me as your personal website support person I can quickly and efficiently assist with website edits.
Whether you need help with a Serviced Based Website or Ecommerce store - I can help.

I also have 15 years of my own experience selling online.
I know and understand e-commerce very well and do regular training and support.
I can assist with doing or training you on the following:

  • Listing products
  • Setting up your eCommerce store
  • Assisting with a better way to run your store and the right tools to use
  • How to write better product descriptions
  • How to set up Categories
  • Using Swatches
  • Using product variations
  • Understanding what plugins are available to make your job easier.

To discuss how I can help - Please call today.