E-commerce Web Design
How do you find the right
E-commerce Web Designer?

For start:  Your E-commerce Website Designer should have their own online selling experience!

Why is this important?

Selling online is full of ups and down and lots and lots of learning.  I myself have sold online for nearly 15 years.
By hiring an expert with their own experience at E-commerce Web Design with their own experiences like myself, I can guide you through the in's and outs of the right way to build & set up an Online Store.
Most of all you need support in understanding how your website works.

I supply support and updates regularly on my facebook page and this year I am building a tutorial video library.
As a lot of my client over the years have struggled with everything from knowing how to upload a product to printing orders.
All E-commerce websites come with a 1-hour handover and user tutorial and more support can be supplied with half-price service packs.
And because I am not a Web Designer Company and I am a freelancer, that makes my prices more competitive.


Selling Online With A Stylish WordPress Website

Why WordPress?

For a start, it's your website and you own it.
Unlike Shopify and Wix you are only renting the use of the platform.
Why put your heart and soul into a website that you don't own?
The other reason is that WordPress grows with you and you can never outgrow it.
Unlike other platforms where you may find yourself having to move because you outgrew your website or your website doesn't grow with you.
WordPress grows right alongside you.
With Plugins for anything, you can think of.
The other great point I love about WordPress is that each website has a unique look, I can spot a Shopify website a mile away and the same as Wix.
You need your business to stand out from the crowd not be lost amongst it.
WordPress can provide you with the best E-commerce Web Design on the market today.