What is managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting means I handle all the technical stuff like:

  • Updates
  • Backups
  • Plugin Updates
  • Database updates
  • Plugin Conflicts
  • Monthly Forms Checks


If you are dissatisfied with your current hosting situation and would like to migrate away - I can help.
Some reasons for wanting to move can be:

  • Speed issues
  • Slow page loading
  • Price
  • Wanting Managed Hosting
  • Website Rebuilds


A hosted email is an email that matches your website domain name.
It is more professional and you can purchase these through me.
I offer 1GB, 5Gb and 10GB emails.


Domain Names

If you are looking to purchase your Domain name I can help.
If you make an enquiry I can find out if it's available and if not what might be close to it that you might like to use.
Please use the form to enquire and I'll let you know ASAP.


.AU Domain Names

New Australian only domains are now available.
The questions I get are:
Do I need to buy my response is - if your name is unique and popular like mine for example - then yes you should buy it.  But if you have a random name and you don't think it will appeal to anyone then no.
My domain would be popular so I need to buy the .au version.